Plexiglass Signs: Elegance and Versatility for Your Brand

Plexiglass signs represent a modern and refined solution to enhance your brand, both indoors and outdoors. These laser-cut signs, featuring an extra-glossy edge and subsequent printing, offer an exceptional combination of functionality and aesthetics.

Main Features of Plexiglass Signs

Laser Cutting for an Extra-Glossy Edge: The precision of laser cutting gives plexiglass signs a perfectly smooth and shiny edge, enhancing their refined aesthetics.
Customized Printing: Plexiglass signs can be customized in various ways. You can maintain the material’s transparency by personalizing only certain areas, or opt for printing that covers the entire surface. Printing is done on the back, ensuring a flawless and precious front finish.

Versatility of Plexiglass Usage

They are ideal for a wide range of applications, thanks to their reflective surface that elegantly and modernly enhances the brand. They are perfect for display:

Indoors: In offices, conference rooms, receptions, and showrooms, where they add a touch of professionalism and style.
Outdoors: Weather resistance and durability make these signs ideal for outdoor applications as well, such as building facades, store entrances, and directional signage.

Quality Installation

Plexiglass signs are designed to be mounted on the wall with precious spacers, which not only ensure a secure and stable installation but also add an extra design element. These spacers keep the sign slightly raised from the wall, creating a three-dimensional effect that further enhances their aesthetic presence.