DualPlate - WOOD

Combined plaques in high-quality acrylic and wood

If you are looking for an elegant and modern solution to showcase your brand, Inventiva Pubblicitaria assists you in choosing and guides you towards the best solutions for you. Dual Plate Wood variant plaques are ideal for adding that touch of warmth and naturalness that only fine wood can provide.

The plaques consist of a transparent plexiglass sheet and a wooden base. The upper sheet can be customized with direct UV printing in 4 colors + white.

They are ideal for outdoor and indoor signs or plaques, directly applicable to walls. From hotels to professional studios, from catering services to offices, dual plate plaques are suitable for various uses and styles.



Available sizes:

23 x 16 cm / 32 x 22 cm /

42 x 28,6 cm / 52 x 35,3 cm /

62 x 42 cm


Available sizes:

22 x 22 cm / 32 x 32 cm /

42 x 42 cm / 52 x 52 cm /


Available sizes:

16 x 23 cm / 22 x 32 cm /

28,6 x 42 cm / 35,3 x 52 cm /

42 x 62 cm


Available sizes:

23 x 16 cm / 32 x 22 cm /

42 x 28,6 cm / 52 x 35,3 cm /

62 x 42 cm


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Once approved, we begin working meticulously on your project. Attention to detail and utmost care are the foundation of all our processes.


The completed products go through a quality check phase to ensure everything is perfect before being carefully packaged and shipped directly to your home.

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