Since 2005, Inventiva Pubblicitaria has been synonymous with innovation and quality in the world of illuminated plaques. This distinctive product has become the company’s flagship, solidifying its position as a leader in the illuminated advertising solutions sector.

Among the various options offered, two main solutions stand out: PrintLed and LaserLed.

PrintLed is a printed plaque that uses spotlights to illuminate specific areas, carefully selected during the graphic design phase. This allows for the creation of unique and personalized lighting effects, perfect for capturing attention and enhancing the desired message.

LaserLed, on the other hand, is crafted using precise laser cutting on the front panel. This advanced technique allows for defined details and unparalleled elegance, ideal for those seeking a touch of modernity and sophistication in their visual communication.

By choosing Inventiva Pubblicitaria, you are opting not just for an illuminated plaque, but for a solution that represents the best of Italian ingenuity and creativity.