Metal Signs

Metal signs are an excellent choice for those seeking a robust and refined option to display their brand. Made through CNC pantograph cutting and customizable via direct printing or engraving, these signs offer a unique combination of durability and elegance.

High-Quality Materials for Metal Signs

We offer metal signs made from top-quality materials, including:
– Aluminum Alloy: Known for its lightness and corrosion resistance.
– Brass: Appreciated for its elegance and durability.
– Composite Aluminum: An innovative material that combines lightness and strength, ideal for outdoor applications.

Customization Techniques for Metal Signs

Metal signs can be customized with two types of processing:
Direct Printing: Printing is done on the front, ensuring a clear and vivid representation of your brand.
Engraving: We use computerized pantographs to precisely engrave the metal. The engravings are then enamelled with weather-resistant paints, ensuring long-lasting durability and a professional finish.

Versatility of Use

Thanks to their robustness and the quality of the materials used, metal signs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor display. Here are some typical applications:

Indoors: Ideal for offices, conference rooms, receptions, and showrooms, where they add a touch of class and professionalism.
Outdoors: Perfect for building facades, store entrances, directional signage, and any other application that requires durability and weather resistance. In this case, metal signs are protected with an additional protective varnish.

Why Choose Metal Signs?

Robustness: The materials used ensure long-lasting durability even in the most challenging conditions.
Elegant Aesthetics: Brass and aluminum offer a professional and refined appearance that enhances your brand.
Flexible Customization: The option to choose between direct printing and engraving allows for a sign tailored to your needs.
Durability: The paints used for the engravings are weather-resistant, ensuring that your sign maintains its appearance over time.