BoxLed: Illuminated Aluminum Sign

Dumpster in composite aluminum with perforated design.

The BoxLed light signs are an ideal option for brands that want to highlight their logo through the direct light that illuminates it. However, it is important to note that this solution is primarily designed to emphasize the brand itself and may not be the best choice if you wish to include many small-sized details, such as phone numbers or lists of services.

The secret of BoxLed lies in its perforation, allowing light to emerge spectacularly through larger graphic details. If you want to add additional elements or small-sized text, we recommend opting for our printed light sign, such as the EasyLed.

BoxLed is designed to communicate your logo in an impactful way, with the option to add a tagline or slogan beneath it. You can further customize it by choosing from available aluminum colors or opting for painting in the desired Ral color.

The front letters can be made of plexiglass or with custom prints, as you can see in the example below.


BoxLed is available in two versions: only perforated  or with raised letters.

Choose the solution that best suits your communication needs.



Before After


Read the following technical documents that explain in detail all the features of BoxLed.

Installations on single-sided wall or flag.

Display system.

Visual merchandising for shop windows and retail spaces.

For both exterior and interior use.

-1 Aluminum frame

-2 Composite aluminum box

Composizione BoxLEd

Variable length from 30 cm to 300 cm.

Download the PDF with technical specifications for file creation:

Download PDF


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