Perforated aluminum plaques with acrylic are true design gems that add a touch of class and sophistication to any environment. These elements combine the strength and durability of aluminum with the transparency and brightness of acrylic, creating a unique and exclusive visual effect. The AluCraft line perfectly embodies this fusion of high-quality materials and craftsmanship precision.


Versatile Applications

AluCraft plaques are extremely versatile and lend themselves to various applications. They can be used as signage to indicate paths, rooms, or specific areas in corporate, commercial, or public environments. They can also serve as decorative elements to enhance the decor of offices, hotels, and restaurants. Thanks to their weather and corrosion resistance, AluCraft plaques are also suitable for outdoor use, ensuring long-lasting durability without compromising quality.

CNC Machining for Maximum Precision.

Every detail of AluCraft plaques is crafted with the utmost precision through CNC machining technology. This method allows shaping and perforating aluminum and brass sheets with extreme precision, ensuring impeccable results and high-quality finishes.


Customized pictograms with colored acrylic.

What truly makes AluCraft plaques unique is the ability to customize them with perforated and colored acrylic pictograms. This technique allows for tailor-made designs, playing with shapes and colors to achieve aesthetically stunning results. Thanks to the various acrylic colors, the pictograms appear to float within the plaque, creating a three-dimensional effect that captures the eye and imparts an aura of modernity and innovation.



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