Triple-layer backlit illuminated letters

Backlit-Combo consists of a 20mm thick PMMA block, inside of which LEDs are implanted. The block is frontally coupled with a decorative layer and behind with a diffuser panel in opaline acrylic.

The enhancement of the first layer ensures that the Backlit-Combo presents itself with greater prestige compared to classic letters. Different finishes and materials are available to personalize and enhance the front layer. Among these, aluminum and ABS are materials used by Inventiva Pubblicitaria to create a new concept of illuminated letter.

Before After Letter "A" baklit dayLetter "A" baklit night
Letters backlite combo gold
Gold and silver finishes

Front panel enhanced in aluminum or ABS glued to the PMMA block.

Light Letters

The supplied fixings allow for easy installation on walls and panels.

backlite combo letters silver
Back diffuser

The rear panel allows for diffusion of the LED placed inside the PMMA.


Composed of 3 materials layered together in a single solution to create a unique creative aspect. Through internal LED diffusion, the system ensures low energy consumption while maintaining high brightness outside. Rear light diffusion is achieved through spacers installed in the letters, which, by distancing them from the surface, propagate the light strip naturally and uniformly.

Wall or panel installations (see our LetPanel).

Display system above counter.

Visual setups for shop windows and retail points.

Painted PMMA coupled with a front layer of aluminum or ABS.

The Backlit-Combo requires a height (H) ranging from 150 mm to a maximum of 700 mm, with the value of L (profile width) being 20 mm (for LED housing).


A list of finishes to enrich and color the front of the letter.


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