Signs and Plaques for B&B and Apartment

The B&B, set in a beautiful historic district in the center of Palermo, has been conceived, designed, and defined with careful attention to every detail.

From the graphic design of the spaces to the creation of solutions for visual design, below are the images of plaques, wallpapers, and illuminated signs at the entrance of this fantastic B&B called Burnìa Home.


The custom wallpapers featuring images of the main monuments of Palermo serve as scenic headboards for the beds in the rooms. These are accentuated by LED frames to create an atmosphere with a contemporary flair.

Illuminated sign for a B&B

The B&B sign is placed inside, immediately after the entrance area. Its imposing brightness communicates the brand derived from the Sicilian term “Burnìa” (from Arabic “Burníya”), meaning a container for preserves, with extreme elegance. Thus, this fantastic B&B, shortly after its inauguration, becomes a true vessel and container for tourists who are quickly immersed in the Sicilian tradition with unparalleled origins. It is made entirely of white acrylic with a perforated front panel in sandy brown acrylic.

Plaques for the rooms of the bed & breakfast

Very elegant plaques in Stone Grey color, with raised numbers, are used to name the bedrooms of the B&B. The lower part of the plaque has the word “APARTMENT” with a direct digital printing process on the plate. To make the environment more uniform, the same material as the illuminated sign has been used.

Targhette camere B&B

Outdoor plexiglass plaque for bed & breakfast

The plexiglass plaque with digital printing of the logo represents the institutional nature of the brand. Installed at the external entrance, it allows guests to identify the presence of the B&B.


Targa da esterno per B&B

Street A-frames for the bed & breakfast

The warmth of the wood combined with digital printing allows for communication through an elegant street advertising easel highlighting the presence of the B&B and the main services offered.

Cavalletto pubblicitario B&B