Hotel Signage Sydney: Elegance and Functionality

When Sydney hotel signage meets design

In the hospitality industry, hotel signage plays a crucial role. It not only helps guide guests but also contributes to creating a visual experience that reflects the hotel’s identity and style. Sydney hotel signage represents the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, elevating signage to a distinctive design element.

Sydney signage, with its tactile text and use of Braille, represents a fundamental inclusive option to ensure easy reading for all guests, including those with visual impairments. Its application involves using PVC balls on the surface of the plate, strictly adhering to compliance standards. This method makes the signage even more accessible and safe for all users, contributing to promoting social inclusion and overcoming communication barriers.

At the heart of Sydney hotel signage lies the harmonious combination of aluminum and acrylic. Aluminum, known for its lightweight and durability, ensures strength and longevity, while acrylic, with its glossiness and brightness, adds a touch of elegance and modernity. The choice of these materials is not only aesthetic but also functional: aluminum withstands wear and tear, while acrylic facilitates cleaning and maintenance.

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Hotel Signage Models Sydney


From mm 100 x 100 to mm 180 x 180


From mm 166 x 100 to mm 300 x 180


From mm 300 x 100 to mm 450 X 150

Finishes of the Upper Plate

Finishes of the Back Plate


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Inclusivity and Accessibility with Sydney Hotel Signage

Sydney hotel signage stands out for its focus on inclusivity and accessibility. Numbers and texts are embossed to ensure readability even for guests with visual impairments. Additionally, Braille writing can be integrated, making the signage even more accessible and welcoming. This sensitivity towards the needs of every guest adds significant value, contributing to creating an inclusive and comfortable environment.

Customization and Versatility of Sydney Hotel Signage

Sydney hotel signage offers extensive customization options, allowing it to adapt to the style and identity of every hotel. You can choose from various finishes, from classic black to innovative corten, to create a unique and distinctive look. Additionally, the modularity of the system enables the creation of signage in various shapes and sizes, catering to any communication need.

Functional Elegance for a Flawless Hotel Experience with Sydney Signage

Sydney hotel signage is ideal for hotels aiming to provide an impeccable experience to their guests. The combination of design, functionality, and inclusivity makes this signage a distinctive element that enhances the hotel’s image and creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for all.

Why Choose Sydney Hotel Signage:

  • Elegant and durable design thanks to the combination of aluminum and acrylic
  • Raised numbers and text to ensure inclusivity and accessibility
  • Braille writing option for more accessible communication
  • Extensive customization options to adapt to any style
  • Modularity of the system to create signage of any shape and size