LETPANEL: Light signs with 3D letters.

Letters in relief on a panel, giving rise to LetPanel: a modern sign capable of making a lasting impression on the observer’s memory.

LetPanel is the combination of letters (illuminated or non-illuminated) applied to a background panel made of aluminum or other materials such as acrylic or wood. With LetPanel, you can showcase your company name with elegant letters among those offered by Inventiva Pubblicitaria.

The combination of these two processes gives rise to an original sign where integrated elements characterize and enhance it.


With LetPanel, you have the option to choose the type of background panel: a box panel or just a flat panel.

All you need to provide visibility to your business is a light sign that gives the message the ideal illumination.




The letters are provided already assembled on the “box” panel, fixable to the wall with an included frame. The use of the box panel allows for both aesthetic and functional value. This option is often adopted when the panel needs to accommodate illuminated letters. In this case, the wires that will power each individual letter will be hidden inside the box panel.


The letters are provided already assembled on the flat panel, which is fixed to the wall using the provided spacers. The panel can be shaped according to a predetermined form.

Panels you can use

Type of support applicable on the back of the 3D letters.

letters on box panel

Processing of the background panel followed by the application of raised letters.

letters on flat panel

Linear cutting of the background panel followed by the application of raised letters.

letters on shaped background panel

Shaped cutting of the background panel followed by the application of raised letters.

Adaptable Letters

Illuminated and non-illuminated letters, applicable on the front side.

Illuminated Letters: Luxin Front

Illuminated letters with front light, made on 30mm thick PMMA LED.

Non-Illuminated Letters

Non-illuminated letters, made of PVC or PMMA. Various thicknesses.

Illuminated Letters: Backlit Combo

Illuminated letters in PVC or PMMA with backlight. Combined letter with special finishes.


The LETPANEL sign represents the excellence of precision and craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technology. Packaged with millimetric precision using professional machinery, our LETPANEL sign is the result of the dedication of experts who have been showcasing their mastery since 2005.

Single-sided installation on a wall or vertical panels.

Display system.

Visual merchandising for shop windows and retail spaces.

For both exterior and interior use.

Variable length from 60 cm to 300 cm.


Your project starts with an advisory consultation. We assess your needs together, provide you with the most suitable solutions, and then proceed to project approval before starting the manufacturing process.


Once approved, we begin working meticulously on your project. Attention to detail and utmost care are the foundation of all our processes.


The completed products go through a quality check phase to ensure everything is perfect before being carefully packaged and shipped directly to your home



Rely on our designers to ensure you have a product designed exclusively for you. All our experience at your disposal.